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We’re welcoming the autumn Leather Season with two UNION events – one for Bristol and one for Bournemouth! 

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Mr LeatherWest

Mr LeatherWest talks about what it takes to build a leather community and looks forward to Pride Cymru.

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Leather Tribes

Men always look hot in uniform and a leather uniform just adds a whole new level of sexiness. Amazing to wear, this powerful look brings out an irresistible sense of heightened masculinity for all to admire.
With its roots in post-war biker culture and developed though such iconic images in 50’s movies, the classic leather biker look still looks hot today. Modern bikers with their streamlined leather suits and hot boots, sat astride powerful machines give this tribe two looks to choose from.
Leather has always been in fashion and there is no reason why leathermen can’t show the world their devotion by donning a stylish jacket or waistcoat to enjoy a sexy casual look that always draws attention. Also known as Street or Leather Lite.
The wild west was an extremely tough environment and the men that worked the land certainly were rugged, masculine and knew how to dress the part. Wide belts, fitted chaps over tight jeans, topped off with a Stetson – who couldn’t resist being roped in?
Flattering chest harnesses, biceps straps and snug jeans or chaps all work together to show off a guy’s body and allow him to dance and strut his masculinity in the clubs and bars. Always eyecatching; always hot!

Our Values

Leathermen are a part of subculture of a minority group and so we believe that its important to treat fellow leathermen in a non-judgemental way that encourages them to feel comfortable in expressing  themselves.
Identifying with others who share a common interest helps us to form our identity. In order for this to develop, members of our community are required to treat each other with respect and to maintain their trust.
Strengthening our community through events, engagement and mutual business opportunities allows an environment to develop that benefits all.
By reinvesting money, time and effort into our community, we can ensure that its members feel valued and that they have a voice in shaping provision and in the allocation of resources.