What to give a leatherman this Christmas? Want to treat yourself?

Welcome to our annual gift guide to help you out! We’ve hunted around and found ten perfect gifts that any leatherman would love to find at the end of their bed on Christmas morning. And since we know that pleasure can be derived from both giving and receiving, why not treat yourself to something too?

Rob Leather Braces €62.94


Classic Mister B cotton t-shirt available in black or white £22


Regulation Deluxe H-Harness £87.99


Leatherism Thick Side Laced Jeans £79.20
Tom of Finland XXL: Complete Works £101.25 from Amazon.co.uk
BLUF Polo shirt £21.99 from BLUF.com


BLUF Armband €74.38 from Montera Leather


Bike Boy graphic novel £17.99 from Amazon.co.uk


Leather Baseball Cap £22.99 from House of Leather on eBay


Clifton Leather Two Pin Belt by ISAMBARD BRISTOL £54.99

All prices, descriptions and availability of items was correct at the time of writing (29/11/13).