The one question you can guaranteed to be asked over the next few weeks is “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”. Aside from the usual diet, exercise and travel based responses, how about adding a commitment to the leather community?

In 2018, LeatherWest is running its Leather Heart campaign which aims to throw a spotlight on activities we can all do to strengthen and grow our the bonds that unite us. We often hear the word “community” used a lot amongst leathermen and there is no doubt that many of us understand and benefit from the brotherhood that exists between us. By showcasing activities that we can all do to help develop these ties, to grow our numbers, to support each other, LeatherWest hopes to show that, in 2018, our community is stronger than ever and continues to thrive.

So how does it work?

Below are four activities that leathermen can do to support each other. If you undertake one or more of these in 2018, then let others know about it and encourage them to join in. Or maybe you know of a leatherman that is already doing one of these activities and deserves some recognition. If so, then you can show your support though wearing one of our Leather Heart badges or stickers, or displaying it on your profile picture online. Tell us what it is you or another is doing in 2018 and we will create a ongoing wall of activities to inspire and motivate. Pledging your commitment in public is a great way to help you focused and also to show others what is possible.

  • Being a Leather Event Buddy

    Showing support for another leatherman by helping them attend events.

    This could be through meeting new attendees prior to the event to help answer their questions and ensure they have a friendly face to meet them at the event. Or it could be by offering them accommodation if they need to travel. You could also help by signposting guys to events in their area, even if you are not attending yourself.

  • Being a Charity Champion

    Raising money for a charitable cause that benefits the leatherman’s community.

    Why not undertake to raise some money through sponsored runs, cake sales, event cloakroom donations? Many in the leatherman’s community benefit from support from charities and good causes that support good mental and sexual health, positive relationships and victims of abuse.

  • Being a Role Model

    Demonstrating the qualities expected from a leatherman.

    Leathermen are one of the oldest sub-cultures of the LGBT community and we have a role in challenging bullying and discrimination whenever it appears – and that include within our own ranks. A role model isn’t a bystander and actively shows all of us how to be inclusive, respectful and friendly.

  • Being a Community Contributor

    Sharing your expertise, enthusiasm and skills to build our community.

    You could write an article for a website that gives advice to guys. You could offer to help run a local event or take photos at a gathering. Support your local pride events by parading in leather to increase our visibility and act as a point of focus for local leather guys.

You can pick up a badge or sticker at one of the pride events we will be attending during 2018. You can tell us about what you are going to be doing by completing the form below. Download the Leather Heart badge (right click on image to the left) and add it to your profile or if your follow/like our Facebook page, it will be listed as a Profile Frame when you update your Profile Picture. Show your support throughout 2018 and help make it year to remember.