3000 men, 6 days, 1 event – Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride has become the event in the leatherman’s calendar to attend. In its nine years, the event has grown exponentially into an incredible blend of horny fetish fun, community celebration and exposure to the evolving scene – all organised with outstanding care and attention to detail.

This year’s event was the biggest yet. The Darklands venue – 1.5 acres of horny fetish space – houses all the events. From sex shows to elections; workshops to exhibitions along with the biggest fetish market you have seen, Darklands during the daytime satisfies everyone’s needs and allows our community to celebrate its diversity and its culture.

At night, Darklands becomes the home of the flaghip parties. Headline DJs pump out beats while guys dance and cruise in the most incredible setting. This year’s darkroom (spread out on two levels!) proved to be exceptionally popular throughout the weekend. The organiser’s imagination created a playspace that saw non-stop action while the incredible stage provided a stunning platform for Adam Turner, Spencer Reed, Defcon and Jordan Rag (to mention a few).

With such a vast party space, these parties are an incredible sight of sexy fetish guys enjoying themselves in a heady and horny atmosphere of kinky fun. This year saw an incredible darkroom playspace constructed over two levels. It was such a sexy site to look down onto guys getting on in a myriad of fetish fun while enjoying your own pleasures upstairs.

Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride also incorporates the X-Awards – an annual award ceremony that celebrates organisations and people that have been recognised for their achievements and contributions to the community. This year, we celebrated:

LeatherWest has been a proud supporter of Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride for many years and once again we were honoured to be part of the most amazing fetish market. Our stand was the focal point for many guys stopping by to catch up and hear what’s been going on in the west of the UK. Our #LeatherHearts campaign continued to capture people’s imagination and challenge them to think about their own local communities. More about that to come in a separate blog entry.

The weekend also saw four Mister elections – Mr Leather Belgium, Mr Puppy Europe along with  Mr Superhero Fetish and Mr Rubber Europe. Congratulation go to Bart, Mr Leather Belgium; Matt, Mr Puppy Europe; Dario, Mr Superhero Fetish and Michael, Mr Rubber Europe . All have been chosen by their communities and will have an amazing year ahead of them. Many people question why need to elect a representative for our respective communities, but it doesn’t take much to uncover there is still bullying and harassment that needs to be tackled as well as the need for an inspirational role model to help us all shape our identity.

Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride is still the only indoor fetish festival of its kind in Europe and it is the one of largest gathering of kinsters on the planet. Being able to lose yourself for a few days in a dizzying spectacle of all the things that turn you on; if you want to see, learn and try new things; if you want to make new friends and catch up with established ones, then you need to come next year. Antwerp in February will always be a date in our diary and we hope to introduce ourselves to you in 2019.