BLUF Bristol 11 Boots 1

Wesco Pete working on BLUF 3005’s boots

Boots were the centre of attention at BLUF Bristol’s Spring meet, reports Leatherwest reporter Sam Benger.

BLUF Bristol had its first gathering of the year last week and it certainly proved to be a leather clad example of what BLUF men are all about and what they value. As is customary at BLUF Bristol, guys were welcomed into an exclusive area to enjoy the underground space that began to fill with leathermen, tip-to-toe leather clad, uniform leathered gents!

For the eleventh BLUF Bristol meet, guys were treated to the excellent boot blacking services of Wesco Pete – one of the most knowledgeable and skillful bootblackers in the UK and his attention to detail and dedication to his craft is something to be witnessed to be appreciated in awe..

For those that were treated to his skills received a first class service bordering on the erotic and men savoured their boots being respectfully, tactfully cleaned, massaged, polished and buffed to a professional high shine.

The sensual experience of having your boots worked on in such a loving way is one of the many pleasures leathermen enjoy (and not often enough) and Wesco Pete’s efforts were gratefully appreciated by all. Wesco Pete was accepting dontations for his services and managed to raise an impressive amount for which will be used to pay for the maintainance of the site and helps keep the club going strong.

“It was like have a foot and leg massage. The change in my boots put me to some shame,” admitted one BLUF man from Cardiff. Another eager BLUF man from Devon looked like he was getting quite aroused (and he wasn’t shy in admitting it) which attracted the attentions of a fellow fully clad leather officer. The whole experienced bordered on the spiritual. The admiring pair of BLUF men continuing the mutual respect and appreciation afterwards.

While some guys were enjoying the bootblacking (and learning a trick or two) others were enjoying the company of other BLUF members.

In keeping with past BLUF events, there were attendees from across the region. Guys had not only come from the immediate surroundings of Bristol, but also from across the Severn from South Wales, down the M4 from deepest darkest Wiltshire (and we mean deepest, darkest too!), Reading, as well as down the M5 from Cheltenham, Gloucester and the Midlands.

Bristol, an easy location to get to, and also attracted a fellow BLUF member all the way from Florida, USA. Admittedly, he was in the UK for business, but the friendly reputation for BLUF Bristol was enough for him to make a special detour to come and meet some fellow BLUF guys. Needless to say, no matter where guys had travelled from, all had an a very social, and thanks to Wesco Pete adding a bit of extra bootblacking spice to a horny night.

On this, BLUF Bristol’s eleventh meet, it was the boot that were centre of attention and a catalyst for all manner of “extra curricula activities”.