LeatherWest reporter Chris Malford reports on BLUF Bristol, who are busy making preparations for the first ever UK Leather Pride®. Now organising their tenth meet to come to the City, the full-on Leather men’s club is also celebrating their fourth birthday.

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BLUF Bristol will be four years old at UK Leather Pride, so it seems timely for the group to enter into a venture to celebrate their birthday event at the first ever weekend fest dedicated to leather men in the UK. Reputably started as an informal conversation around a table (“Could BLUF ever work here?”), the local BLUF chapter has gone from strength-to-strength in their first four years.

The group’s November meet – The TENTH Meet – will be at The Retreat in the heart of the Old Market Quarter, the leather men’s stomping ground of Bristol.

Gaining a strong reputation in the LeatherWest region and further afield, BLUF Bristol meets have attracted a following from the rest of the UK (as far as Scotland and Northern Ireland) as well going ‘international’ with visiting  BLUF men from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


BLUF-Bristol-10-A4-Portrait-PosterThe BLUF group in Bristol covers the West Country and South Wales, and it’s Wales that has seen “a doubling of numbers” in the past twelve months. “We’re beginning to see hubs of BLUF men along the M4, especially the Swansea area reflecting what we’ve seen in Cardiff”, says Mark, Bristol Uniform.

He added that this November “..will be the first time for many new BLUF members in Wales at an official BLUF meet. And with no better timing with UK Leather Pride on. It’s going to be a real welcome baptism for some!”

Now, entry is strict to these BLUF events, I know from being a guest previously to cover them for the website. It’s “members and registered guests of members only who adhere to the strict dresscode” (says the BLUF website) which is vigorously enforced on the door.

Why? You might ask. Well, it’s a members’ club to start with. But what it does do is to ensure a wall-to-wall leather clad event straight out of a Tom of Finland picture: a sea of Muir caps; a bar filled with fully dressed leather men right down to ties and those incredibly horny tall to-the-knee boots, clasping their pints with a gloved hand. And reading that tell me you don’t get envious of that pint glass!

As per usual custom and practice, BLUF say that non-members are welcome. Men wanting to join this highly anticipated BLUF meet at UK Leather Pride should contact the BLUF organisers. They will be able to help and advise entry, as long as you can comply to the dresscode.

Tim, Black Arrow,one of the organising team said to LeatherWest that the “guys really wanted something to mark the birthday during the weekend, in addition to our usual meet during the first ever Leather Pride event in the UK.”

There’s also speculation, BLUF will holding a ‘full on leather meal’ with a dinner planned for earlier on the Friday night at the start of the weekend. I am told some details, but asked to not reveal the plans. The team tell me last details are being finalised and will be announced shortly. Jeez, these BLUF guys get you panting for me, don’t they!

Luckily, I have the gear and I’ll be attending both to cover the events for the LeatherWest blog



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