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The #Gear365 Resolution

#Gear365 taking the leather community by storm! Your social media feed will have been peppered by leather guys around the world answering the call to leather up by Cal Rider, the Californian leatherman that behind this growing movement. Cal started the initiative to help and encourage men worldwide get their gear out of [...]

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Tom’s Christmas List 2016

‘Tis the season for giving and let’s be honest, Leathermen love to give in so many ways! Once again Tom Bristol has been keeping his eye out for special gifts that any discerning leatherman would love to find under his tree tree this year. There is nothing like opening a special package that promises [...]

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Thinking of Buying Langlitz Leathers? Read this!

A Langlitz journey that all started with a tweet, explains guest writer Darren DeadLiftBear. One day a few months ago my friend Daddy T on Twitter told me that I’d “look amazing in Langlitz!”. Fast forward a couple of weeks to the Bristol Leather Weekend and I’m borrowing his husband’s jacket, which is [...]

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How to Drop Two Jean Sizes – Instantly

I'll be honest. I'm a 34" waist. Have been ever since middle age kicked in and banished my previous 32" waisted life. So how come I bought a brand new (gorgeous) pair of leather jeans that were a mere 30" waist - and I can fit into them? Well, before we get to [...]

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Leather Market V Review: Going Public

Right on the crossroads of the Old Market Quarter, the Leather Market attracted a large crowd through the day, extending its attraction to more groups of people than before. Roving reporter, Sam Benger finds  "He who hesitates..." needs, instead,  to "seize the opportunity" or lose out.[no_toc] Banners on buildings and flags flying - leathermen and passers by were invited into [...]

Leather Market V: “Bring & Sell, Try & Buy”

Growing in reputation, the Leather Market returns for its now fifth outing with a new venue and with an expanded range of gear and goods. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new". [no_toc] Started in the winter 2012 with an idea by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail [...]

Exclusive Offer for LeatherWest Readers

LeatherWest readers can take advantage of a generous discount from one of the leading leather stores in the UK, reports Tom Bristol.  Following Regulation London's superb creation of the Mr. leatherWest sash, LeatherWest can announce that supporters and readers can get a 20 per cent discount on Leather clothing during the month of November. Now [...]

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Kilt Up for Burn’s Night

Bagpipes Optional! 25th January is Burn's Night when Scotland celebrates its most famous poet, Robert Burns and many men choose to mark the occasion by wearing a kilt, the traditional dress of men from the Scottish Highlands. Since its origins in the 16th century, this item of clothing has been popular with many and despite its [...]

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10 Gifts for a Leatherman

What to give a leatherman this Christmas? Want to treat yourself? Welcome to our annual gift guide to help you out! We've hunted around and found ten perfect gifts that any leatherman would love to find at the end of their bed on Christmas morning. And since we know that pleasure can be derived from [...]

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Want to Find Great Gear at Great Prices?

Our living and interactive mannequin displayed handsomely a range of biker suits. Have you ever wanted to look your best in leather? Have you searched in vain for a jacket that fits right, or that accessory that will define your outfit? If so, you’ll know it’s difficult because although the internet brings us a worldwide [...]

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