Why we need Gay Pride more than ever

Ok. First a quick history lesson. Pride has its origins in protest, and specifically in the Stonewall riots of 1969. This was when New York saw the gay community protest against unprovoked police raids on a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn (the UK Charity Stonewall took its name from this). The following year the [...]

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Reading Pride: In Leather Before the 5,000

Guest writer, James, a leather man in Reading, inspired by  'Leather On Parade' at Prides across the LeatherWest region this Summer, reports back from the first ever organised leather presence in Reading, where he was invited up on-stage to address five thousand festival goers. Well what can I say! Where do I begin? I made the call [...]

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Reading Pride: First Ever Leather Presence

Guest writer, James, a leather man in Reading, inspired by  'Leather On Parade' at Prides across the LeatherWest region this Summer, makes a call for leather men to gather for a first ever organised leather presence in Reading. Having seen the growing leather presence at other pride festivals across the West this year in Birmingham, Bristol, [...]

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Pride Cymru-Cardiff 2015 | A Visitor from Amsterdam

Leathermen of Wales and the West and getting ready to parade with lots of leather pride on Saturday. LeatherWest's Tom Bristol reports that there's a visitor from Amsterdam on his way to support local leathermen.  Nick Dawson elected as Mr XXX Amsterdam 2015. Pic copyright of Rene Zuidervelt, 2015. All rights reserved. Last night's leather [...]

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Pride Cymru-Cardiff 2015 | Leather on the Loose!

Leather men are set to march in the Welsh capital, Cardiff for Welsh Pride. And there may be some mayhem with 'Dragons Leather' on the loose, writes reporter LeatherWest Sam Benger. [No_toc] Leather selfie! Courtesy of and copyright of Huw Dale Photography, 2014. All rights reserved. Leather Dragons. Copyright of LeatherWest, 2014. [...]

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Pride Cymru-Caerdydd 2015 | Leather ar y rhydd!

Dynion Leather cael eu gosod i orymdeithio ym Mhrifddinas Cymru, Caerdydd ar gyfer Pride Cymru. Ac efallai y bydd ychydig o hwyl gyda'r 'Dreigiau Lledr' ar y rhydd, yn ysgrifennu gohebydd LeatherWest Sam Benger. [no_toc] Leather selfie! Llun trwy garedigrwydd a hawlfraint Huw Dale Photography, Cedwir 2014. Pob hawl. Dreigiau Lledr. Hawlfraint [...]

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Bournemouth Pride | Leather Men Welcomed

Tim 'Black Arrow' reports back on the first ever leather presence at Bournemouth Pride, marching through the seaside town to welcoming crowds. Pic courtesy of Simon Hansford. Used with permission. To say there was an air of excitement as we approached Bourne Free (Bournemouth's Pride event)is very distinct understatement. After completing the relevant [...]

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Bristol Pride 2015 | Leather in the Park

Bristol Pride 2014 saw a number of first, not least the first ever organised leather presence and leather inspired events throughout the week. On Pride Day itself, LeatherWest is pitching up its 'black tent' and desk and creating a 'little leather corner'. Based on the frolics of last year, the afternoon in the park is always [...]

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Europe’s Leading Leather Magazine Spotlights Bristol

Cerebral, Europe's leading fetish magazine with over 100,000 readers a month. Eyes turn to Bristol The New Year opens with LeatherWest's Bristol Leather Weekend featured in a leading leather and fetish magazine for all Europe. Sam Benger writes that "Leather in the West" is attracting attention from across mainland Europe and further consolidates [...]

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