BirthdayAs LeatherWest celebrates its fifth birthday, it’s a good enough time as any to reflect on the past few years and to celebrate all that has been achieved.

LeatherWest started in August 2011 as a way of highlighting and publicising the gay leathermen’s community in the south west of the England and south Wales. Through a website and social media, LeatherWest quickly became the source of information for all things leather related in the region. Since those early days, LeatherWest has always strived to maintain its core values and beliefs which have helped to steer the organisation through an every changing world. We’re not a club, but a Community Interest Company which means we don’t have members but rather we are run as a not-for-profit organisation of volunteers, with any money and assets invested for the benefit of our local community.

Over the past five years, we have achieved a lot and are proud of what has been accomplished. However, we haven’t been able to it without the support and help of others and so please share a few moments with us to look back on what has been accomplished with your help.