A Langlitz journey that all started with a tweet, explains guest writer Darren DeadLiftBear.

One day a few months ago my friend Daddy T on Twitter told me that I’d “look amazing in Langlitz!”. Fast forward a couple of weeks to the Bristol Leather Weekend and I’m borrowing his husband’s jacket, which is the classic Brando-style jacket… and he was right. I loved how I looked, I loved how it felt on me.

So, after that weekend in Bristol, I went browsing on the Langlitz website. There’s not much on the site – really just photos and a description of each piece. No prices, no webshop. But you can order a catalogue.

The catalogue arrived quickly. It came with a price list, order form and a couple of stickers with the Langlitz Leathers logo. In between time, Pup Zalo (on Twitter), who is in no way an enabler, sent me a bunch of deals for 0% interest credit cards… naughty pup.

I decided quickly what I wanted; the Padded Pocket Columbia jacket and Padded Competition Breeches and worked out how much I’d have to save – then went and got a credit card deal, which has only been used to buy the leather and will be closed as soon as it’s paid (thank you, Sainsbury’s Bank). Then came the fun part.

How To Measure For Langlitz: An Easy Guide

In short, do what they tell you. Don’t get a tailor to measure you, get a friend to measure you; how to measure is explained well on the order form.

Or rather, it’s explained well if you read it fully. My good friend ‘doubletopuk’ measured me at the end of November and Langlitz rejected the order. Why? I had only been wearing underwear. So I read the instructions, put on a pair of jeans that fit well and my leather shirt, got measured again… and they rejected that too, because of the shirt. I read the instructions again, and put on a t-shirt, just like they say. Then they accepted the order 🙂

Yes it was frustrating, especially as all this was being done over email with a significant time difference, so learn from my mistakes.

You will need to specify the weight, fit and your riding stance. One of the options is “Not For Riding” – they know their markets. Their normal recommendation for non-riding is medium weight, snug fit, and I’d have to agree.

There are also a number of options and – for want of a better word – accessories. For example, the breeches don’t come with a belt as standard, and although the Columbia jacket comes with the duty belt, the Same Browne shoulder strap is extra. Be sure to consider options carefully.

Shut Up And Take My Money!

As mentioned, you can’t order online but they will accept a scan of the order form. You can include the credit card details if you’re feeling brave, or you can call them to give the payment details. A deposit of $100 per item is taken when the order is accepted. There were a number of emails back and forth before ordering and before the order was accepted, and it certainly seems that no question is too stupid. I dealt mainly with Scott and he was really helpful, making suggestions and clarifying things for me.

My order was accepted on 3 December… Then I had to sit back and wait – the delivery date was early February.


Like An Expectant Daddy

One day in early January I received an envelope from the USA. It had my invoice from Langlitz in it with two credit card receipts – but not for the total value of the sale. Part of me thought they were just catching up on paperwork, part of me thought – hoped – it meant it was ready. A week later I got a letter from Parcelforce requesting payment of customs fees… IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE!! Fees paid. Delivery date set, and it arrives and… “oh my god”… it’s better than I dared hope. The breeches are a touch generous on the waist but otherwise it’s perfect. They also sent me some of their leather dressing, and have wished me many years happy wearing out on the town 🙂

 Some Tips for You

  1. Read the measuring instructions carefully. Wear a pair of jeans that fit well and aren’t baggy, and a t-shirt. Hold the tape taut but not tight.
  2. If you’re not a biker, go for medium weight leather, snug fit, not for riding.
  3. Read the options carefully and consider what you want. Remember to add on the additional charges and don’t forget the oversize fees if you’e a big bear like me (I had to pay $50 extra on each item).
  4. Get your maths right on the order total!
  5. Scan the form as a PDF. If you don’t want to include your credit card details, let them know when you email and then call them. Remember Portland is on the US west coast: eight hours behind the UK – midday here, 4am there.
  6. This will cost you. My jacket alone was around $1600 and delivery is $100 per item. Save for it, or get a 0% credit card deal and make sure to pay it off! Don’t get into debt!!

Yes it’s a lot of money and so a significant commitment but I don’t regret it one bit. Neither will you.


  • Pictures are copyright of Deadlift Bear. Used with permission. All rights reserved.