The Schott Perfecto – A Leatherman’s Wardrobe Essential


Guest writer Tom Bluf has a passion for leather and in particular a passion for Perfecto jackets. These amazing jackets are the epitome of the classic leather biker look, made famous by of course, Marlon Brando in the film The Wild One. In this entry to The Manual Tom explains what you need to know [...]

Mr Leather Europe’s Guide to Leather


In this article, Mr. Leather Europe 2015, Thorsten Buhl, explains what you need to know about how leather is made - the tanning process, the different types of leather and what to look out for. All essential knowledge for any leatherman. Leather comes from the skins and hides of animals and tanning is the [...]

Meeting the BLUF Dresscode


Renowned throughout the world for its high standards, BLUF remains the ultimate symbol of the classic leatherman. The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub (BLUF) started in 1997 for leathermen who wore and admired breeches and leather uniforms. For many, the BLUF look is like a Tom of Finland drawing realised. BLUF has a [...]

How to Measure Yourself for Tall Boots


An essential for any leatherman is a pair of tall boots. Some of the most sort after brands are Wescos, Dehner and Chippewa. There are many good guides online for measuring yourself and we would advise guys to check the company’s website for the brand they are interested in for more specific instructions. Wesco Boots [...]

How to Get a Mirror Shine on Your Boots


Getting the desired military standard "mirror polish" on your boots takes a bit of time and effort, says guest contributor Pup Handler. 1. Firstly it's important to use the right polish. Kiwi works best for me because of its high wax content. There's also Parade Gloss (again by Kiwi), but be warned that it also contains paraffin which will [...]

How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Gear


An Investment Leather is an investment. And your leather can last for your lifetime. Prevention is better than cure. So regularly give any item of your leather gear the proper treatment: clean, rub, condition, buff, air and store away. Make sure any product you use is suitable for the type and grain of leather you're applying it to: check [...]

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