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An essential for any leatherman is a pair of tall boots. Some of the most sort after brands are Wescos, Dehner and Chippewa. There are many good guides online for measuring yourself and we would advise guys to check the company’s website for the brand they are interested in for more specific instructions.

Wesco Boots –
Chippewa Boots –
Dehner Boot Company –

Wesco’s website has a great section on how to obtain the measurements you will need for a pair of their custom made boots. Wesco make a “last” (a wooden or plastic foot block) based on your measurements that allows them to build your new boot around your foot’s exact shape. They also keep your measurements on file so that they can be referred to in the future for repairs or additional pairs.

If you are interested in finding out more, it is worth asking the company for their catalogue and information pack.

Dehner’s website also has a great meauring guide as well as an informative guide to the different types of leather that are available

Another comprehensive guide to measuring yourself for boots can be found at Big Black Boots as well as a wealth of information about the different styles and what to think about when choosing your boots.

As with all measuring, we advise that you get a friend to help you and double check the measurements. Your leather gear is an investment and you want to make sure that it fits perfectly. Take your time to ensure you get accurate measurements and fill in the relevant order forms carefully, following the company’s instructions to the letter. Always include extra information if you think it would be helpful and do not be afraid to ask a question if you want some clarification. We have found all these companies to be more than helpful. They are rightly proud of their products and they are as keen as you to ensure that their boots fit you well and give you many years of service.