Project Description

Renowned throughout the world for its high standards, BLUF remains the ultimate symbol of the classic leatherman.

The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub (BLUF) started in 1997 for leathermen who wore and admired breeches and leather uniforms. For many, the BLUF look is like a Tom of Finland drawing realised. BLUF has a strict dresscode that potential members have to demonstrate before they are allowed full access to the the website and are allocated a BLUF number.

The dresscode for BLUF is not complicated or difficult to meet. However, it is specific since it stays true to the original vision of the movement – breeches and leather uniforms. Bearing this in mind will help potential members craft an appropriate outfit and hopefully successfully apply to join.

Definitions from

  • Breeches: Trousers with ‘balloons’ on the thighs, as seen in pictures from Tom of Finland. They may be made of leather or fabric.
  • Leather Uniform: An outfit comprising of tall boots, leather trousers (often breeches), with a leather shirt, tie, Sam Browne belt, gloves, cap and jacket.

Not necessarily. The overriding look needs to convey the image of a uniform, of a man in an official police or military position. This can be achieved without, for example, a Sam Browne (after all not all uniforms have one). However, the outfit needs to work as a whole and look as if it might have been issued by an authority – leather jeans with a regular shirt and tie would not be sufficient, nor would simply a pair of leather jeans and a leather shirt with a police patch on the arm. However, add a leather jacket, or additional accessories, and you’re far more likely to succeed.

No, breeches may be made of leather or fabric. Leather uniforms need to mainly comprise of leather. This could be leather tall boots, leather jeans, leather biker jacket worn with a fabric shirt and leather tie.
Nazi uniforms or any Nazi symbols, codes or slogans (either authentic or implied) are not acceptable. That also includes cases where such symbols have been clearly photoshopped out of an image.

Fantasy uniforms, for example from science fiction, would not be acceptable unless they looked as if they could be real uniforms, were convincing and of course, made of leather. Also, overly fussy historical uniforms are unlikely to be accepted.

The following are specifically listed on as not complying with the dresscode, and including them in your application is liable to result in rejection :

  • fabric uniforms without breeches
  • bike leathers, other than police bike gear
  • chaps, of any material
  • body harnesses
  • t shirts and underwear, including jockstraps
  • sportswear, rubber, skinhead gear
  • cross-dressing, nudity and bare chests

Applicants to BLUF need to submit at least one photograph that shows them in an outfit that complies with the dresscode and at least one of the photographs submitted must clearly show the applicant’s face.

BLUF understands that some people would prefer their face not be seen by other members, and it is possible to make exceptions, if you have a good enough reason. However, everyone is encouraged to have a face photo, and unlike other sites, none of the member photos on BLUF can be seen by people who are not members.

Take a look at our BLUF Pinterest board  (below) for some ideas and inspiration and when you have your outfit sorted and some good pictures taken, head over to and submit your application.