Project Description

Sometimes the ‘full works’ just isn’t appropriate or not needed. That’s when Leather Lite comes in.

As much as we love leather, it is an unforgiving material when it comes to heat and staying cool. When the temperature rises (no, not in that way!) a full leather outfit can become stifling and on occasions, lead to lightheadedness or nausea. Also, many of the venues frequented by leathermen tend to be small and compact. By the time it’s filled with leather guys, it can become uncomfortable for some guys if they are in head to toe leather.

Leather Lite is simply an easy combination of gear that can be worn that maintains the classic leatherman look but is lighter and more comfortable to wear in situations when a full leather outfit would be too much.

Leather Lite comprises of leather jeans (with tall or short boots), cotton tee and a leather waistcoat. It is usually accompanied by leather wrist cuffs and possibly a cap or garrison cap.

Leather Lite is also the outfit of choice for many for less formal leather gatherings – socials, markets and meetings.