LW Logo Badge

A new chapter begins in the growing leather scene!

You can’t have failed to notice that LeatherWest is looking rather different. From those of you that have been with us from the beginning, firstly “thank you” and secondly we hope you love our new look.

LeatherWest is proud to announce that, after two years of supporting and helping to build the gay leathermen’s community, it has been officially incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This formal recognition of LeatherWest’s goal to benefit its Community of Interest, allows the organisation to move forward with even more ambitious plans for the future.

To mark this historic milestone, today we have launched a new website complete and given our beloved logo a subtle makeover, courtesy of the very talented Bullcap (BLUF #283).

The formal acknowledgement by a Government department of the gay leatherman’s community as a distinct section of the LGBT population and LeatherWest’s contribution to it, is seen as an important milestone. Indeed, LeatherWest’s activities have been endorsed by the Leather History EU foundation, based in Amsterdam, who agreed to act as LeatherWest’s asset lock for the purposes of the company. Read more about our CIC status on our More about us page.

A mark of LeatherWest’s success over the past two years has been the tripling of membership of BLUF (Breaches and Leather Uniform Fanclub) in the local area which is seen as the definitive gay leatherman’s club. LeatherWest has hosted four BLUF socials to date, each one more successfully than the last – with demand for tickets now out stripping supply.

So far, LeatherWest has also held three Leather Markets where men buy and sell leather clothing and goods in a relaxed and social atmosphere. These popular events have allowed LeatherWest to connect with members of its community in a non-threatening and welcoming environment.

During the summer, LeatherWest held the first themed event Leather Wild West attended by rugged cowboys all looking to saddle up and ride! This funding raising event enabled LeatherWest to make a donation to GMFA – the gay men’s health charity.

LeatherWest’s blog have seen a continual rise in unique readers a month, regularly being read by over 2,000 leathermen a month. In another leather first, LeatherWest produced articles in Welsh (Cymraeg), with the help of local leathermen.

So LeatherWest would like to thank all its followers that have helped to make the past two years such an amazing journey. We look forward to bright and leather filled future!