Calling all gay fetish photographers!

A brand new worldwide photo competition is about to get off the ground  in December 2016 and you're invited to be a part of it. Join in and submit your best gay fetish photos. If your photographs are successful in the competition, you could be the winner one of the following cash prizes: 1st [...]

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Five Years of Achievements

As LeatherWest celebrates its fifth birthday, it’s a good enough time as any to reflect on the past few years and to celebrate all that has been achieved. LeatherWest started in August 2011 as a way of highlighting and publicising the gay leathermen’s community in the south west of the England and south Wales. [...]

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Neil Page: The 2015 Collection

Here at LeatherWest, we just can help ourselves. We're suckers for great, rich, deeply horny and sexually intense images of leather men. When one of our favourites, Neil Z Page, releases a whole new set of images this year, we just had to post a new gallery. Many leather men in the West will be familiar [...]

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Leather Easter: Topping & Butch in Bristol

Leather clad comedy duo hit Old Market for Bristol's Leather Easter  Topping and Butch on Good Friday in the Old Market Quarter Good Friday sees leather wearing comedy duo Topping & Butch live at The Palace on the crossroads of Old Market. Described by The Independent at “Fun, flirtatious and delightfully silly,” Topping and Butch [...]

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Leather Easter: It’s “Ja Bristol”

Easter's a time when leather men get away for a break. This can usually mean 'Easter in Berlin'. Chris Malford discovers that for those at home, there's an alternative: it's "Ja Bristol". Easter 2015 in Leather Bristol In the past decade, Easter conjures up a weekend away in Berlin. Check out any social [...]

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Leather Cruising in Bristol

Cruising, starring Al Pacino, has a rare public screening. Rare leather film double bill portrays a sleazy, sexy, dangerous world for leathermen in 80’s New York. [no_toc] Cruising, the 1980's classic thriller staring Al Pacino as a leather clad undercover cop in the depths of the New York leather circuit, is set to delight and thrill [...]

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Bikershot: Bikers With a Cause

Originally as an ongoing project exploring biker culture through intimate portraits, Sam Benger delves through the pages of the newly released acclaimed Bikershot: The Photo Book, a collection of bikers with their gear, their brands and their bikes. "Rebels without a cause" is a saying that conjures up images when thinking of the roots and history of biking culture. Of late [...]

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Biker Culture: Portraits Explore Identity, Masculinity and Sexuality

Photographer Cedric Lefebvre of Brussels, known to many a motorbiking leathermen via biker networks, reveals the hidden subculture of bikers through a series of intimate portraits in his new book, Bikershot. Due for release in November, to some the new book will uncover a 'hidden' biker culture and to those in the gay biking community not surprised [...]

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Bristol Leather Weekend 2014: Gallery 1 – Neil Page Collection

Following the success of the first ever Bristol Leather Weekend, official photographer for the event, Neil Page Creative, has provided a first advanced set of evocative first images. Deep in texture, capturing a comprehensive range of men, moods and events, Neil produces a rich subtext of masculine leather culture. Taken over the entire weekend, starting from the Welcome Party [...]

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LeatherWest Releases Exclusive ‘Tom Stamps’ Product

Mounting Tom LeatherWest expands its Tom of Finland range, launching a new exclusive product available to readers, supporters, leathermen and their friends, reports Sam Benger. Following the release of the limited edition of the Tom of Finland stamps by Finland Post and the Tom of Finland Foundation, LeatherWest thought that the historic release of the stamps [...]

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