Neil Page: The 2015 Collection

Here at LeatherWest, we just can help ourselves. We're suckers for great, rich, deeply horny and sexually intense images of leather men. When one of our favourites, Neil Z Page, releases a whole new set of images this year, we just had to post a new gallery. Many leather men in the West will be familiar [...]

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UNION: Leather Men Gain in Confidence

Leather brothers gaining in confidence. UNION Leather had its best attended event since launching a year ago. So it was a great mix of leather men sporting their best gear: bikers in tight leathers, bears with harnesses, the odd 'German cop', full leather uniform BLUF men - all mixing well and spreading a great amount of 'leather [...]

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UNION: Leather comes to Bournemouth

Chris Malford previews the first ever UNION leather night in Bournemouth. [no_toc] UNION, launched by LeatherWest a year ago, is a leather night designed to bring "all the tribes of leather together in union". Be they pups and handlers, bikers on or off their bikes, full on leather uniformed BLUF men, leather skins with 20 hole boots demanding attention or daddies [...]

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UNION: The Urban Leather Theme

Sam Benger is digging out his leather braces for the first UNION Leather night of 2015 UNION Leather, launched by LeatherWest a year ago, was designed to bring "all the tribes of leather together in union": be they pups and handlers, bikers (on and off their bikes), the full on leather uniform BLUF men, leather skins [...]

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Bikershot: Bikers With a Cause

Originally as an ongoing project exploring biker culture through intimate portraits, Sam Benger delves through the pages of the newly released acclaimed Bikershot: The Photo Book, a collection of bikers with their gear, their brands and their bikes. "Rebels without a cause" is a saying that conjures up images when thinking of the roots and history of biking culture. Of late [...]

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“I’ll be back”: Arnie the Leather Clad Terminator Back in Town

An action packed blockbuster,  regularly featuring on Leathermen's favourite film lists, is set to return to Bristol for a special screening with specially brought-in warm-up DJs, presenting a one-off social opportunity for leathermen with a twist.   This coming Friday at Bristol's Watershed on the harbourside (venue of the Leather film screening during Bristol Pride Week), director James Cameron's hard-edge rollercoaster action blockbuster, Terminator 2: Judgement Day is riven with homoerotic images [...]

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Biker Culture: Portraits Explore Identity, Masculinity and Sexuality

Photographer Cedric Lefebvre of Brussels, known to many a motorbiking leathermen via biker networks, reveals the hidden subculture of bikers through a series of intimate portraits in his new book, Bikershot. Due for release in November, to some the new book will uncover a 'hidden' biker culture and to those in the gay biking community not surprised [...]

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UNION: Banish any ‘Berlin blues’

UNION Leather nights designed for all the tribes of leather to come together: BLUF, bikers, street and urban. On the same weekend as Folsom Europe in Berlin, Sam Benger reports that the next UNION leather night in Bristol will provide a broader mix of leathermen than before -  providing an antidote for those feeling a [...]

Leather Market IV: Slip into Something New

The original "bring and sell, try and buy" leather market returns for the fourth time. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new".  Started in the winter 2012 by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail to Leatherwest suggesting such an event, the Leather Markets have rapidly gained [...]