BLUF Bristol 11 – The Boots Edition

Wesco Pete working on BLUF 3005's boots Boots were the centre of attention at BLUF Bristol’s Spring meet, reports Leatherwest reporter Sam Benger. BLUF Bristol had its first gathering of the year last week and it certainly proved to be a leather clad example of what BLUF men are all about and [...]

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Leather Market V Review: Going Public

Right on the crossroads of the Old Market Quarter, the Leather Market attracted a large crowd through the day, extending its attraction to more groups of people than before. Roving reporter, Sam Benger finds  "He who hesitates..." needs, instead,  to "seize the opportunity" or lose out.[no_toc] Banners on buildings and flags flying - leathermen and passers by were invited into [...]

Leather Market V: “Bring & Sell, Try & Buy”

Growing in reputation, the Leather Market returns for its now fifth outing with a new venue and with an expanded range of gear and goods. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new". [no_toc] Started in the winter 2012 with an idea by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail [...]

Leather Market IV: Slip into Something New

The original "bring and sell, try and buy" leather market returns for the fourth time. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new".  Started in the winter 2012 by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail to Leatherwest suggesting such an event, the Leather Markets have rapidly gained [...]

Want to Find Great Gear at Great Prices?

Our living and interactive mannequin displayed handsomely a range of biker suits. Have you ever wanted to look your best in leather? Have you searched in vain for a jacket that fits right, or that accessory that will define your outfit? If so, you’ll know it’s difficult because although the internet brings us a worldwide [...]

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A Leatherman’s Natural Environment

Spotted on the Streets of Bristol Like any creature, Leathermen are men of habit. During these colder, darker nights it's not uncommon to spot Leathermen flocking together and cruising the streets of town, looking for like minded souls. These darker months see the number of Leathermen on the streets increase. It won't be uncommon to [...]

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Leather Market II – Event Proves Popular Again

The West's second ever leather & gear market proved to be popular - again! Cementing the event into the annual leather calendar, LeatherWest's second Leather Market was another success,  reports LeatherWest reporter Sam Benger. "...whats a fag to do on a Saturday now?" a leather guys tweeted. Back came a reply from a leather blogger in the West,  "...go to [...]

It’s All About the Details

Choose jeans that reflect how you want to feel. LeatherWest reporter, Sam Benger, ponders on what makes a great leatherman 'look'. For most leathermen, it’s one thing to be into leather and to have some leather gear, but what really makes a great leatherman is the way in which he assembles an outfit complete with those little [...]

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