UNION Leather in Bournemouth: September Date Confirmed

Following two events, UNION - The Men's Leather Night - gaining a reputation amongst leather men in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and the Coast,  returns for its third Bournemouth Edition in September. [no_toc] UNION - The Men's Leather Night - comes back to Bournemouth with sole and exclusive use of G Bar on Commercial Road, there will be a changing [...]

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Bournemouth Pride | Leather Men Welcomed

Tim 'Black Arrow' reports back on the first ever leather presence at Bournemouth Pride, marching through the seaside town to welcoming crowds. Pic courtesy of Simon Hansford. Used with permission. To say there was an air of excitement as we approached Bourne Free (Bournemouth's Pride event)is very distinct understatement. After completing the relevant [...]

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Bournemouth Pride 2015 | Leather on Parade

Leather men are on the march this Summer throughout the West. There's lots of talk about a "leather resurgence" doing the rounds at the moment. This Summer, Bournemouth provides strong evidence of this, reports LeatherWest's Chris Malford. Known as  "Leather on Parade"  local leathermen will be joining with their leather brothers from Bournemouth, Dorset and the [...]

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UNION Bournemouth II: Why Bournemouth Leather Men Are Getting Excited

LeatherWest reporter, 'Black Arrow' Tim reports Bournemouth was once again echoing to the sound of leather men . To the sound of creaking leather and stomping boots as UNION returned to Bournemouth, the emerging leather hub on the coast of South West England. UNION Leather nights designed for all the tribes of leather to come together: [...]

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Birmingham Pride 2015: Leather on Parade

Mr LeatherWest 2015, Neil of Swansea, reflects on the events of Birmingham Pride, who, by helping to organise 'Black Hide for Pride', resulted in the highest ever profile for leather men in the heart of the UK. Any hesitation that 'Leather men on Parade' would not receive a warm reception proved unfounded: immediately. The crowds love [...]

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UNION Bournemouth II | Leather Up! for Independence Day

UNION Leather nights designed for all the tribes of leather to come together: BLUF, bikers, street and urban. Following the success of UNION Leather Bournemouth in March, LeatherWest announces the next UNION Leather night in the seaside town will be on Saturday the Fourth of July: Independence Day. So the call now goes [...]

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UNION Bournemouth I | The Leather Radio Podcasts

UNION went down to the seaside and we managed to nab a few leather men in Bournemouth for a quick interview. Take a few minutes to listen, and being leather radio, you can do something else whilst listening, such buffing your boots up to a perfect shine. [no_toc] You can also read about the build up to UNION Bournemouth also [...]

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UNION: Something Leather Has Arrived in Bournemouth

UNION Leather nights designed for all the tribes of leather to come together: BLUF, bikers, street and urban. UNION by LeatherWest arrived in Bournemouth and the response from local leather guys was...well...just look at the pics! Leather men along the South Coast and as far as London ventured to Bournemouth to join local [...]

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UNION Bournemouth #1 | The Picture Gallery

UNION's first outing in Bournemouth saw leather men arriving in their droves. [no_toc] Leather guys were witnessed walking the streets of Bournemouth with self-confidence - some getting wolf whistles in the street, which was richly deserved. WOOF! WOOF!  Over fifty leather men filled G bar, seeing Bournemouth's largest leather event for many a year. Pic credit: [...]

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UNION: Leather Men Gain in Confidence

Leather brothers gaining in confidence. UNION Leather had its best attended event since launching a year ago. So it was a great mix of leather men sporting their best gear: bikers in tight leathers, bears with harnesses, the odd 'German cop', full leather uniform BLUF men - all mixing well and spreading a great amount of 'leather [...]

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