Tom of Finland: The Movie – Review

Tom of Finland - The Movie is a film that has been eagerly anticipated by our community for several years. As many of us reading this know, Tom of Finland was actually called Touko Laaksonen, and was best known for his depictions of leather-clad, super-masculine guys. His artwork became the symbol of the [...]

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Passing on the Leather Baton

Whenever there is change, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. With Mr LeatherWest 2016 making way for the next holder of the title, it is a good time to look back on what has been achieved and to look to the possibilities ahead. Dave [...]

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BLUF Bristol #11: A Busy Leather Night Ahead

BLUF Bristol holds its 11th meet in the City, marking a busy day and night for leathermen in Bristol's Old Market Quarter. Established in 2011, and now on its 11th meet, with a record 100+ attending the 10th meet during UK Leather Pride, the local BLUF Bristol group are taking over the cellars downstairs in the The [...]

BLUF Bristol: The TENTH Meet at UK Leather Pride®

LeatherWest reporter Chris Malford reports on BLUF Bristol, who are busy making preparations for the first ever UK Leather Pride®. Now organising their tenth meet to come to the City, the full-on Leather men's club is also celebrating their fourth birthday. BLUF Bristol will be four years old at UK Leather Pride, so it seems timely for the group to enter into [...]

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Five Things You Need to Know About Bristol’s Newest Fetish Night.

Bristol continued to cement its position as the place for fetish fun in the UK as Raven opened its doors for the first time. So with more choices available for guys, here’s what do you need to know about this latest addition to the Bristol kink scene.[no_toc]   1: Raven is billed “...for those who prefer [...]

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Bristol Pride 2015 | Leather on Parade

Gathering to parade at Bristol Pride 2014. Leather men will gather at Bristol Pride, to have the biggest leather presence ever, reports Sam Benger. Known as  "Leather on Parade"  local leathermen will be joining with their leather brothers from Bristol and the West and further afield to form a dedicated leather squad in Bristol Pride's Parade. Leather flags [...]

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UNION: Leather Men Gain in Confidence

Leather brothers gaining in confidence. UNION Leather had its best attended event since launching a year ago. So it was a great mix of leather men sporting their best gear: bikers in tight leathers, bears with harnesses, the odd 'German cop', full leather uniform BLUF men - all mixing well and spreading a great amount of 'leather [...]

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UNION: The Urban Leather Theme

Sam Benger is digging out his leather braces for the first UNION Leather night of 2015 UNION Leather, launched by LeatherWest a year ago, was designed to bring "all the tribes of leather together in union": be they pups and handlers, bikers (on and off their bikes), the full on leather uniform BLUF men, leather skins [...]

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UK Leather Pride: Dates Confirmed for 2015

First UK Leather Pride Dates Confirmed. The organisers for UK Leather Pride, to be held in Bristol, have confirmed the dates for this year's 'leather fest' for 6th-8th November. However, there has been change, reports Sam Benger. Originally planned for early October, UK Leather Pride say they moved dates back a month to the first weekend of [...]

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Merry Leather Christmas 2014

LeatherWest launch their Christmas 2014 video. Monchrome, funky, faithful to a festive scene, which, having gone viral, sends Chrsitmas greetings to leathermen everywhere.[no_toc]   "We wanted to say Merry Christmas to all the guys who have supported LeatherWest this year", said LeatherWest's Black Arrow (Tim), "We've had a tremendous year in 2015: our first presence at [...]

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