Tom’s Christmas List 2016

‘Tis the season for giving and let’s be honest, Leathermen love to give in so many ways! Once again Tom Bristol has been keeping his eye out for special gifts that any discerning leatherman would love to find under his tree tree this year. There is nothing like opening a special package that promises [...]

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Nadolig Lledr Llawen 2014

LeatherWest lansio eu Nadolig 2014 fideo. Monchrome, 'ffynci', ffyddlon i'r olygfa Nadoligaidd, sydd, ar ôl mynd firao, yn anfon cyfarchion Nadolig i dynion lledr yn y byd.[no_toc]   "Roeddem yn awyddus i ddweud Nadolig Llawen i dynion sydd wedi cefnogi'r LeatherWest eleni ", meddai LeatherWest yn Black Arrow ( Tim), "Rydym wedi cael blwyddyn aruthrol yn 2015 [...]

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Merry Leather Christmas 2014

LeatherWest launch their Christmas 2014 video. Monchrome, funky, faithful to a festive scene, which, having gone viral, sends Chrsitmas greetings to leathermen everywhere.[no_toc]   "We wanted to say Merry Christmas to all the guys who have supported LeatherWest this year", said LeatherWest's Black Arrow (Tim), "We've had a tremendous year in 2015: our first presence at [...]

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Leather Market V Review: Going Public

Right on the crossroads of the Old Market Quarter, the Leather Market attracted a large crowd through the day, extending its attraction to more groups of people than before. Roving reporter, Sam Benger finds  "He who hesitates..." needs, instead,  to "seize the opportunity" or lose out.[no_toc] Banners on buildings and flags flying - leathermen and passers by were invited into [...]

UNION: The #LeatherXmas Edition

UNION Leather nights designed for all the tribes of leather to come together: BLUF, bikers, street, pups, Masters, boys, leather skins, urban and leatherbears. UNION Leather returns for its "#LeatherXmas" edition on Saturday 13th December in underground of the cellars of the The Retreat.  Plenty of enquirers from leathermen about what they can wear [...]

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Leather Market V: “Bring & Sell, Try & Buy”

Growing in reputation, the Leather Market returns for its now fifth outing with a new venue and with an expanded range of gear and goods. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new". [no_toc] Started in the winter 2012 with an idea by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail [...]

Christmas Leather Social

Saturday 21st December, leather festive romp around the Old Market Quarter of Bristol Leathermen's festive romp through Bristol's Old Market Quarter! LeatherWest joins forces with BLUF Bristol for an annual Leather Christmas social on Saturday December 21st which is aimed at "...all leathermen: from the curious to the full on tip-to-toe leather uniform man and [...]

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10 Gifts for a Leatherman

What to give a leatherman this Christmas? Want to treat yourself? Welcome to our annual gift guide to help you out! We've hunted around and found ten perfect gifts that any leatherman would love to find at the end of their bed on Christmas morning. And since we know that pleasure can be derived from [...]

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BLUF Christmas Gathering

Once again leather-clad men descended on a secluded corner of Bristol's historic Old Market Quarter. They enjoyed a horny night with the full-on 'Tom of Finland' BLUF guys. Not only did the local BLUF crowd turn out in force, but they were joined by leathermen from across the region. The excellent music blended perfectly with [...]

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BLUF Bristol Xmas Social

BLUF Bristol announce an 'informal Xmas drinks social' for Saturday 15th December. Aimed at "...members and prospective members", the full-on leather crowd will be kicking off the night at the Bristol Bear Bar at 10pm onwards, aiming to filter over to The Den from 11pm, until the bar closes at 4am. Always a great crowd and a good night [...]

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