UNION Bristol – The Return

You know that feeling when you’ve finally caught up with an old friend that you haven’t seen for ages? How you suddenly slip back to where you left off? Everything is familiar but fresh. Your interest and energy is reinvigorated. You have so much to share and want to hear what’s been going [...]

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Making 2018 the Year of Leather Love

The one question you can guaranteed to be asked over the next few weeks is “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”. Aside from the usual diet, exercise and travel based responses, how about adding a commitment to the leather community? In 2018, LeatherWest is running its Leather Heart campaign which aims to throw a spotlight [...]

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Lives of the Leathermen

Jake's video still shows guys from the LeatherWest region gathering at The Leather Social: Cardiff before the first Mr Leather Wales competition in 2016 Documentary film maker Jake Hardy, stumbled across our community while on a trip to Berlin. What happened next gave rise to a thought provoking short documentary film and [...]

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2017 – The Year to be Optimistic

As one year ends and another begins, we all think about what the next 12 months might bring. For us, 2017 is a year to be optimistic and to look forward with confidence. We are all very good at moaning (the British have turned it into an artform). However, we are far less [...]

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Five Years of Achievements

As LeatherWest celebrates its fifth birthday, it’s a good enough time as any to reflect on the past few years and to celebrate all that has been achieved. LeatherWest started in August 2011 as a way of highlighting and publicising the gay leathermen’s community in the south west of the England and south Wales. [...]

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The New Old: Hankies & social show the way

Going along to the second Leather Social: Cardiff, Phil S’Berg “finds where you get a mix, you get a buzz” and the afternoon makes him recall a classic 1970’s Leatherman’s Handbook. The streets of Cardiff were thronged with cyclists, spectators and with quite a lot of lycra on display as the  city played host to [...]

UNION Bournemouth I | The Leather Radio Podcasts

UNION went down to the seaside and we managed to nab a few leather men in Bournemouth for a quick interview. Take a few minutes to listen, and being leather radio, you can do something else whilst listening, such buffing your boots up to a perfect shine. [no_toc] You can also read about the build up to UNION Bournemouth also [...]

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BLUF Bristol #9 | The Leather Radio Podcasts

BLUF Bristol saw some new features - including new "Leather Radio" podcasts. Take a few minutes to listen, and being leather radio, you can do something else whilst listening.  [no_toc] You can also read about the build up to BLUF Bristol at Easter, a report on the event itself and also take a look at the leather [...]

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Leather Market V Review: Going Public

Right on the crossroads of the Old Market Quarter, the Leather Market attracted a large crowd through the day, extending its attraction to more groups of people than before. Roving reporter, Sam Benger finds  "He who hesitates..." needs, instead,  to "seize the opportunity" or lose out.[no_toc] Banners on buildings and flags flying - leathermen and passers by were invited into [...]

Leather Market V: “Bring & Sell, Try & Buy”

Growing in reputation, the Leather Market returns for its now fifth outing with a new venue and with an expanded range of gear and goods. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new". [no_toc] Started in the winter 2012 with an idea by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail [...]