BLUF Bristol #11: A Busy Leather Night Ahead

BLUF Bristol holds its 11th meet in the City, marking a busy day and night for leathermen in Bristol's Old Market Quarter. Established in 2011, and now on its 11th meet, with a record 100+ attending the 10th meet during UK Leather Pride, the local BLUF Bristol group are taking over the cellars downstairs in the The [...]

BLUF Bristol #9 makes for a Leather Easter

BLUF Bristol holds its ninth meet in the City, making Easter this a year all the more leather.[no_toc] BLUFBristol #9 is on Easter Saturday. For many leathermen, the Easter weekend is known for the laid back  streets of Schöneberg and the delights of the Berlin Leather Weekend. Nevertheless, for BLUF members and their admirers, there's [...]

Nadolig Lledr Llawen 2014

LeatherWest lansio eu Nadolig 2014 fideo. Monchrome, 'ffynci', ffyddlon i'r olygfa Nadoligaidd, sydd, ar ôl mynd firao, yn anfon cyfarchion Nadolig i dynion lledr yn y byd.[no_toc]   "Roeddem yn awyddus i ddweud Nadolig Llawen i dynion sydd wedi cefnogi'r LeatherWest eleni ", meddai LeatherWest yn Black Arrow ( Tim), "Rydym wedi cael blwyddyn aruthrol yn 2015 [...]

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Merry Leather Christmas 2014

LeatherWest launch their Christmas 2014 video. Monchrome, funky, faithful to a festive scene, which, having gone viral, sends Chrsitmas greetings to leathermen everywhere.[no_toc]   "We wanted to say Merry Christmas to all the guys who have supported LeatherWest this year", said LeatherWest's Black Arrow (Tim), "We've had a tremendous year in 2015: our first presence at [...]

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Bristol Icon Goes All “Leather Pride”

Leather Pride Gromit by Clive of Cheltenham. Gromit, one of the beloved icons of Bristol, has suddenly come over all 'leather pride' thanks to the skills of a local leathermen in the West. [no_toc]  Clive, based in Cheltenham, spotted a competition where by entrants were asked to paint their own Gromit for a [...]

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10 Pledges for Leathermen to Make in 2014

New Year’s Resolutions are so last year. This year make a pledge! Make a promise yourself to complete at least eight of the following Pledges from our list which will not only help to benefit the leather community but also help to make 2014 a great year for you. The New Year is [...]

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BLUF Bristol #3: The West’s Biggest Gathering of BLUF Men to Date

The eagerly awaited full-on leather BLUF Bristol event. Sam Benger reports. The Place: Old Market, Bristol. The Day: Saturday, March 2nd - Late. The Event: 60+ Leathermen gathering in one place for BLUF@Bristol  For BLUF club members it had been the eagerly awaited BLUF event of the year so far in the West. Since the Bristol launch in [...]

BLUF Bristol #3 Ready for March

BLUF returns to Bristol in March There's always a shiver of excitement when you hear there's a BLUF night coming to Bristol. Following on from last year's successfully and popular meet in October and the "Xmas BLUF Social"  the local BLUF team are holding their next meet at The Den, Bristol's very own dedicated leather and fetish bar in the [...]

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BLUF Bristol: Across the Ages

BLUF@Bristol have released their first "Series Poster" for 2013 Intending to span all age groups during 2013 this new style of artwork will promote the message that BLUF is for men of all ages. We're told that "This is the first of several versions we'll be publishing through the year", which  will include "...several different guys, [...]

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