Passing on the Leather Baton

Whenever there is change, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. With Mr LeatherWest 2016 making way for the next holder of the title, it is a good time to look back on what has been achieved and to look to the possibilities ahead. Dave [...]

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Five Years of Achievements

As LeatherWest celebrates its fifth birthday, it’s a good enough time as any to reflect on the past few years and to celebrate all that has been achieved. LeatherWest started in August 2011 as a way of highlighting and publicising the gay leathermen’s community in the south west of the England and south Wales. [...]

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The New Old: Hankies & social show the way

Going along to the second Leather Social: Cardiff, Phil S’Berg “finds where you get a mix, you get a buzz” and the afternoon makes him recall a classic 1970’s Leatherman’s Handbook. The streets of Cardiff were thronged with cyclists, spectators and with quite a lot of lycra on display as the  city played host to [...]

Leather Market IV: Slip into Something New

The original "bring and sell, try and buy" leather market returns for the fourth time. Sam Benger investigates how to get great gear at great prices and why it's an opportunity to "slip into something new".  Started in the winter 2012 by a Bristolian leatherman's e-mail to Leatherwest suggesting such an event, the Leather Markets have rapidly gained [...]

Put Some Leather Into Your Easter

Leathermen will be converging on Bristol's Old Market Quarter this Easter Saturday to mark the onset of Spring. Easter is a time for renewal and starting anew. So, what better time to get out there and be proud of your leathers – you may inspire someone else to take up the cause! Come and join LeatherWest for a leather night out-and-about [...]

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Five things Leathermen learnt at UNION – the last may surprise you!

"What's this UNION Leather thing all about then?" If there's one thing that unites people is that we don't like feeling we're missing out. As word of UNION spread throughout the region, it became clear here at LeatherWest HQ that guys' curiosity was stirred. The strong branding and imagery of UNION had caught men's imagination and [...]

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Folsom Forever: World Premiere Review

"Could it happen here?" That's what Sam Benger wondered as he reviews Folsom Forever, the documentary film of the thirty year history of the world's largest festival of leather and kink in San Francisco, at the World Premiere in London. It was a new type of event to get kitted-up for - a film premiere. Leathered and booted, [...]

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BLUF@Bristol#5 – “The Best Yet”

Hot leathermen extended the warmest of welcomes at BLUF@Bristol#5 What makes a good night a great night? BLUF arrived in Bristol with a bang in January, determined to bring full-on leather cheer during the darkest, coldest month of the year. Sam Benger arrived to capture the action and found that this night would [...]

Christmas Leather Social

Saturday 21st December, leather festive romp around the Old Market Quarter of Bristol Leathermen's festive romp through Bristol's Old Market Quarter! LeatherWest joins forces with BLUF Bristol for an annual Leather Christmas social on Saturday December 21st which is aimed at "...all leathermen: from the curious to the full on tip-to-toe leather uniform man and [...]

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Want to Find Great Gear at Great Prices?

Our living and interactive mannequin displayed handsomely a range of biker suits. Have you ever wanted to look your best in leather? Have you searched in vain for a jacket that fits right, or that accessory that will define your outfit? If so, you’ll know it’s difficult because although the internet brings us a worldwide [...]

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