Belgium Leather Pride 2018

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3000 men, 6 days, 1 event - Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride has become the event in the leatherman’s calendar to attend. In its nine years, the event has grown exponentially into an incredible blend of horny fetish fun, community celebration and exposure to the evolving scene - all organised with outstanding care [...]

UNION Bristol – The Return

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You know that feeling when you’ve finally caught up with an old friend that you haven’t seen for ages? How you suddenly slip back to where you left off? Everything is familiar but fresh. Your interest and energy is reinvigorated. You have so much to share and want to hear what’s been going [...]

The #Gear365 Resolution

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#Gear365 taking the leather community by storm! Your social media feed will have been peppered by leather guys around the world answering the call to leather up by Cal Rider, the Californian leatherman that behind this growing movement. Cal started the initiative to help and encourage men worldwide get their gear out of [...]

Making 2018 the Year of Leather Love

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The one question you can guaranteed to be asked over the next few weeks is “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”. Aside from the usual diet, exercise and travel based responses, how about adding a commitment to the leather community? In 2018, LeatherWest is running its Leather Heart campaign which aims to throw a spotlight [...]

Tom of Finland: The Movie – Review

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Tom of Finland - The Movie is a film that has been eagerly anticipated by our community for several years. As many of us reading this know, Tom of Finland was actually called Touko Laaksonen, and was best known for his depictions of leather-clad, super-masculine guys. His artwork became the symbol of the [...]

Passing on the Leather Baton

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Whenever there is change, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future. With Mr LeatherWest 2016 making way for the next holder of the title, it is a good time to look back on what has been achieved and to look to the possibilities ahead. Dave [...]

Lives of the Leathermen

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Jake's video still shows guys from the LeatherWest region gathering at The Leather Social: Cardiff before the first Mr Leather Wales competition in 2016 Documentary film maker Jake Hardy, stumbled across our community while on a trip to Berlin. What happened next gave rise to a thought provoking short documentary film and [...]

2017 – The Year to be Optimistic

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As one year ends and another begins, we all think about what the next 12 months might bring. For us, 2017 is a year to be optimistic and to look forward with confidence. We are all very good at moaning (the British have turned it into an artform). However, we are far less [...]

Coming Soon: Tom of Finland Movie

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2017 will see the release of the first of two movies about Tom of Finland - the Finish artist who's work is so synonymous with the gay leatherman's world. This movie, directed by Dome Karukoski (considered to be one of the most successful Finnish film directors) will be released in  Finish cinemas in February [...]

Dublin Leather Pride 2017

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It is always a privilege to be a part of history and 2017 sees the first ever Dublin Leather Pride - an event that builds on the tradition of leathermen heading to Dublin to start the New Year in the company of some of the friendliest and most welcoming company.  Building on the [...]